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What Your Home Service Website Needs if You Want to Show up on Google

Your website needs to be built strategically to rank on Google. Search engine marketing (SEM) is pivotal for the success of your home service business. When people need home services, the first place they look is Google.  40% of home service clients who call from search make a purchase. That’s no coincidence; When […]

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3 Graphic Design Trends to Keep Your Website Fresh in 2021

What was fresh in web design three years ago might not be anymore. When it comes to your website, you need to keep it continuously updated. You need eye-catching designs that will help you stand out from your competitors.  Digital trends and users’ expectations are continually changing. With specific trends […]

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7 Seconds To Win It: Why Your Website Needs to Impress From The Drop

Your website’s homepage is like the first handshake with a potential customer. As you know, you can tell a lot about someone through a handshake. Similarly, you can tell a lot about a company by looking at their homepage. Creating a strong foundation on your landing page allows for an […]

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Mobile-Optimized-Why Just Being Mobile Responsive is Not Enough

When was the last time you needed information quickly and used your mobile device? Probably 5 minutes ago, you might even be doing that right now. The percentage of people using their phones to surf the web has been steadily increasing for years. In 2019, 53 % of website traffic […]

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2020 Website Trends

The essential components your website needs to stay relevant for 2020. It is important to view your website as a dynamic marketing tool. Technology changes quickly and your website can begin to feel out of touch over time. New features and styles are unveiled all the time, and the digital […]

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3 Key Ingredients to a Successful Home Service Website

The Need For A High Converting Website Your website should be your hardest working and highest closing Salesperson.  Even more than that, it’s often your customer’s first impression of your business.  It’s important to clearly and properly showcase your brand and value immediately when someone lands on your site.  There […]

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